Of Gods and Globes – Preoder Now!

Surprise! One of my short stories made it into an anthology called Of Gods and Globes and that collection is now AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER! It comes out on July 4th, but you can preorder it now on Amazon,Barnes&Noble and Kobo in paperback and digital. I'm freaking out a little. Ok, I'm freaking out a lot. … Continue reading Of Gods and Globes – Preoder Now!


Stop Repeating Yourself – SPI Files

So, we finally get to the  SPI Files novels. The series includes “Lucky Charms” (a short in the Night Shift anthology), The Grendel Affair, The Dragon Conspiracy, The Brimstone Deception, The Ghoul Vendetta, and The Myth Manifestation which came out in January.  They concern the adventures of Makenna Fraiser, Seer and agent for Supernatural Protection and Investigations, an agency protecting … Continue reading Stop Repeating Yourself – SPI Files

Don’t Get Stabbed By A Love Triangle – Raine Benares Series

As I spent most of January reading the works of Lisa Shearin I wanted to give a little more space and thought to reviewing these books than my normal "what I've been reading" posts. Then I realized that this post was getting too long itself and split it into three separate posts. So expect more … Continue reading Don’t Get Stabbed By A Love Triangle – Raine Benares Series